Is Fantasy Football Haram? The Controversial Debate 

Fantasy Football: Halal or Haram? The Islamic Debate Rages

Syed Bukhari

Ah, fantasy football – the obsession that brings friends together and tears relationships apart every NFL season. But for Muslim ...

Is Call Of Duty Haram In Islam? -The Controversial Video Game 

Is Call Of Duty Haram In Islam? -The Controversial Video Game 

Syed Bukhari

Call of Duty, often abbreviated as COD, is one of the most popular first-person shooter video game franchises worldwide. Released ...

Is It Permissible to Learn and Play the Flute in Islam?

Islamic Ruling on THe Flute: Halal Music or Forbidden Pastime?

Syed Bukhari

Music has always been a contentious topic in the Islamic tradition, with differing opinions among scholars. Some forms of music ...

Is It Haram To Watch Movies?

Watch Movies in Islam: Halal Entertainment or Haram Distraction?

Syed Bukhari

In our modern world, movies and films have become an integral part of entertainment and leisure. However, as Muslims, it’s ...

Is Singing Haram In Islam?

Singing in Islam: Harmonious Art or Forbidden Melody?

Syed Bukhari

Singing is a beloved pastime or profession for many people around the world. Its ability to express emotion and create ...

The Drums and Music Dilemma in Islam

Drums and Music: Islam’s Unresolved Rhythm Conundrum

Syed Bukhari

The debate surrounding the permissibility of drums and music in Islam has been an ongoing discourse among scholars and adherents ...

The Great Jeans Debate: Can Muslims Wear Denim?

Jeans for Muslims: Fashion or Haram? The Denim Dilemma

Syed Bukhari

As a Muslim, one of the essential aspects of our faith is adhering to the guidelines set forth by the ...

Sleeping Naked

Sleep Naked: Halal Comfort or Islamic Indecency?

Syed Bukhari

As Muslims, we strive to follow the teachings of Islam in every aspect of our lives, including the way we ...

Is Watching TV Prohibited in Islam?

TV in Islam: Harmless Entertainment or Haram Pastime?

Syed Bukhari

The issue of watching films and television is not free from numerous reservations from an Islamic perspective, such as uncovering ...

Is Car Financing Haram?

Car Financing: Islamic Banking’s Controversial Crossroad

Syed Bukhari

Is It Haram To Buy A Car On Finance? A Comprehensive Guide – Buying a car is a significant investment ...