Is Call Of Duty Haram In Islam? -The Controversial Video Game 

Syed Bukhari

Is Call Of Duty Haram In Islam? -The Controversial Video Game 

Call of Duty, often abbreviated as COD, is one of the most popular first-person shooter video game franchises worldwide. Released in 2003, the series has spawned numerous sequels and expansions over the years. However, the intense action, violence, and war scenes in these games have sparked a heated debate within the Muslim community regarding their permissibility according to Islamic teachings.

The Verdict: Call Of Duty is Considered Haram (Forbidden)

According to Islamic scholars and experts, Call Of Duty is not considered halal (permissible) in Islam. The game glorifies violence, war scenes, and aggression, which are strictly prohibited in the Quran. Therefore, playing or even watching Call Of Duty is regarded as haram (forbidden).

Why Call Of Duty Violates Islamic Principles

Islam teaches its followers to avoid unnecessary violence and aggression. The Call Of Duty game series disregards this fundamental teaching by depicting extreme levels of violence and allowing players to participate in virtual wars. Here are some key reasons why COD is deemed haram:

• It promotes violence, aggression, and hatred among people, which contradicts Islamic values of peace, mercy, and brotherhood.

• It encourages competition and rivalry between players, violating the Islamic principle of cooperation.

• Players are required to kill their virtual “enemies” to win, which goes against the sanctity of human life.

• Some versions of the game include gambling elements, which are strictly prohibited in Islam.

• The game can be highly addictive, leading to a waste of time and resources, which is discouraged in Islam.

• Exposure to such virtual violence can desensitize players, making them less sensitive to real-life violence and aggression.

Is Call Of Duty Haram In Islam?

The Impact of Violent Video Games on Mental Health

Numerous studies have explored the effects of playing violent video games, especially on children and teenagers. These studies have found that excessive exposure to such games can lead to a decreased sense of empathy and a reduced emotional response to real-life violence. Games like Call Of Duty, which depict intense battles and conflicts, may make it challenging for players to fully comprehend the real-world consequences of violence and how it genuinely hurts individuals.

Better Ways to Spend Time According to Islamic Principles

Instead of engaging in violent video games, Islam encourages its followers to invest their time in more constructive and meaningful activities that align with its principles. Here are some recommended alternatives:

Community Service: Engaging in charity work, volunteering, or attending Islamic events can foster compassion and strengthen community bonds.

Family Time: Maintaining strong relationships with family members by visiting close relatives and nurturing familial ties is highly encouraged in Islam.

Spiritual Growth: Regular prayer, reading the Quran, and attending religious talks can deepen one’s connection with Allah and provide guidance and purpose.

Healthy Hobbies: Engaging in physical activities like sports, exercise, or spending time in nature, as well as relaxing with friends through permitted leisure activities, can promote a balanced lifestyle.

Islamic Scholars and Experts Warn Against Violent Video Games

Islamic scholars and experts worldwide have expressed their concerns about the negative impacts of violent video games like Call Of Duty, particularly on young people. Here are some notable perspectives:

Shaykh Wesaam Charkawani warns against playing violent video games, as they can lead to increased aggression and desensitization to violence. He suggests focusing on activities that promote personal growth and responsibility in line with Islamic teachings, especially for children.

Nauman Ali Khan, an Islamic teacher, advises against playing games like Call Of Duty due to their potential for addiction, excessive time consumption, and the risk of diminishing sensitivity to violence. He recommends engaging in activities that foster personal and spiritual growth instead.

• The Fiqh Council of North America, a group of Islamic jurists, has ruled that parents are responsible for shielding their children from media that combines video game addiction with violence and moral degradation.

With compelling evidence of the risks associated with violent video games, Muslim experts globally strongly discourage and advise against playing inappropriate games that conflict with Islamic principles of mercy and the sanctity of life.

Tips for Parents to Protect Their Children from Violent Games

As parents, it is crucial to guide and protect children from the potential harmful effects of violent video games like Call Of Duty, PUBG, and Fortnite. Here are some practical tips to help parents:

Set Clear Rules for Game Time: Establish simple guidelines for when and how long your children can play games. Consider allowing them to play only on weekends, in a shared space, and choose games without excessive violence. Monitor their gaming habits closely.

Discuss the Problems with Violent Games: Engage in open conversations with your children about the potential issues associated with violent games. Explain how these games can desensitize them to violence, promote a distorted view of weapons and war, and conflict with real-life values and consequences.

Approved Hobbies in Islam for Enjoyable Pastime

Instead of violent video games, Islam encourages children and youth to engage in outdoor group activities and sports. These hobbies not only enhance physical health and discipline but also foster essential life skills and strengthen family bonds. Some approved hobbies and activities in Islam include:

Sports: Participating in sports like football, basketball, or swimming can promote physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition.

Hiking and Camping: These outdoor activities can build survival skills while also providing opportunities for quality family time and nature appreciation.

Home Workouts: Simple exercises like running or bodyweight training at home can provide enjoyable physical activity without the need for excessive competitiveness or violence.

As long as competitiveness does not lead to unIslamic conduct, sports and physical activities are highly encouraged as alternatives to violent video games.

Personal Experience: How Call of Duty Warped My Views on Violence

As someone who used to play Call Of Duty shooting games for hours as a child, I can attest to the potential for these games to distort one’s perspective on violence. I was initially drawn to the competitive aspect of leveling up weapons and battling online. However, as I grew older and developed a deeper understanding of Islamic principles of non-violence and respect for life, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the aggressive nature of these war games.

The more I played, the more desensitized I became to the concept of violence and death. These games wrongly portrayed acts of killing and aggression as entertaining and enjoyable, which conflicted with the teachings of Islam that emphasize the sanctity of all life. Quitting Call Of Duty and similar games helped me realize how they had warped my views and made me less sensitive to the real-world consequences of violence.

Now, I strive to invest my time in more meaningful hobbies and activities that align with Islamic values. Guidance from religious leaders and scholars on reducing exposure to violent media has not only benefited my personal growth but also contributes to a more peaceful and respectful society.


Q: Is Call Of Duty haram in Islam?

A: Yes, according to Islamic teachings, games like Call Of Duty that promote violence, aggression, and the harming of human life are considered haram (forbidden) for Muslims to engage in.

Q: Is playing Call Of Duty haram?

A: Yes, playing Call Of Duty is considered haram (forbidden) as it glorifies violence and aggression, which goes against the core principles and values taught in Islam.

Q: Is Call Of Duty Mobile haram in Islam?

A: Yes, the mobile version of Call Of Duty is also deemed haram, as it contains the same elements of violence and aggression as the other versions

Q: Does Call of Duty disrespect the Quran?

A: While Call of Duty does not directly disrespect the Quran, the game’s depiction and promotion of violence and warfare go against the teachings of the holy book, which emphasize peace, mercy, and the sanctity of human life.

Q: Is the Quran shown on the floor in Call of Duty?

A: There were claims that pages of the Quran were shown on the floor in one of the game’s maps, which would be highly disrespectful and contrary to Islamic teachings. In response, Activision, the game’s publisher, apologized and removed the insensitive content from the game.

Q: Who is the Arabic character in Call of Duty?

A: Commander Farah Ahmed Karim is one of the three playable protagonists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is an Arabic character introduced in the game.

Q: Is Messi in Call of Duty?

A: Yes, Lionel Messi, the famous Argentine footballer, is featured as an Operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Q: Who is behind Call of Duty?

A: The Call of Duty video game series is published by Activision. The games were initially developed by Infinity Ward, and later by Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. Several spin-off and handheld games were also made by other developers.

Q: Is the Call of Duty story real?

A: While the Call of Duty games are works of fiction, their storylines and missions are often inspired by real-world events and conflicts. However, the specific details and scenarios presented in the games are not based on actual events.

Q: Why is Call of Duty haram to play?

A: Call of Duty is considered haram (forbidden) to play according to Islamic principles because it glorifies violence, promotes the harming of human life, and can desensitize players to the realities and consequences of aggression and warfare, all of which go against the teachings of Islam.

By addressing these frequently asked questions, readers can gain a better understanding of the Islamic perspective on Call of Duty and the reasons why many scholars and experts consider it haram or forbidden for Muslims to engage with this popular video game franchise.