Is Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty) allowed?

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Is Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty) allowed ?

Is Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty) allowed? – Well, some scholars say it’s haram or prohibited. Their reasoning is that dimples created just for beauty’s sake are messing with Allah’s perfect creation when there’s no real need to do that.

Now of course, some people are born with cute dimples naturally. That’s part of their God-given beauty. But going out of your way to add dimples through artificial means is where these scholars draw the line.

What are Dimples and Dimple Procedures?

Dimples are small natural indents in the cheeks or chin. Cheek dimples show up when smiling. Chin dimples stay put. Dimples may be caused by facial muscle variations. Some want dimples so get dimpleplasty surgery or piercing. Risks include nerve injury.

Is Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty) allowed?

Is Dimple Surgery Haram?

Getting dimple surgery just to look prettier or get more admiration is considered haram or forbidden in Islam.

The reason is that unnecessary cosmetic procedures to change Allah’s creation are prohibited according to Islamic principles. The Quran even quotes Satan’s desire to alter God’s work.

In the Quran An-Nisaa 4:119, Allah (SWT) says what shaitan (devil) said:

“Surely I will command them, and they will change Allah’s creation.”

However, dimple surgery could be halal or allowed if done for legitimate medical purposes – like to correct a deformity or asymmetry. So the intent makes a difference.

If you get a cosmetic procedure purely to enhance beauty or meet vanity standards, it’s seen as a major sin. You’d be altering what Allah gave you out of ingratitude.

The takeaway is that non-essential cosmetic surgeries done just for looks are haram in Islam. But procedures for therapeutic needs may be permitted. The focus should be on inner beauty and accepting what Allah designed for you.

Why Is Dimple Surgery Haram?

Islam forbids altering the parts of the body that Allah created. So changing your natural facial features with dimple surgery goes against this principle.

Procedures like dimpleplasty are seen as trying to improve on God’s creation out of vanity and ego. But Allah does not approve of trying to enhance His designs for such reasons.

Nowadays plastic surgeons promote dimple surgery to help people get admired for their looks. But in Islam, it’s wrong to alter Allah’s work purely to meet beauty standards or social pressure.

Whether someone has dimples or not is Allah’s will. Accepting your natural looks is part of submission and gratitude to Him. You don’t need to chase beauty through haram methods.

The bottom line is dimple surgery aims to play God and override His creation. Real beauty comes from within and accepting the way He designed you, dimples or not. Does this summary help explain the Islamic objections clearly? Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand on any part.

Islamic Ruling on Changing Allah’s Creation

Originally, unnecessary cosmetic procedures to alter God-given features were prohibited in Islam. The Prophet cursed tampering with Allah’s creation just for beauty. This implies changing bodies without need is forbidden. Scholars like Imam al-Nawawi confirmed this.

Verdict on Dimple Procedures

In conclusion, creating artificial dimples for beauty alone is deemed haram. Dimple surgery modifies God’s work and alters natural looks without necessity. Though popular for beauty, dimple procedures can risk harm. Cosmetic changes are only permitted to fix defects, not merely for enhancement.

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FAQs ,

Q. Is Dimple Creation Surgery (Dimpleplasty) allowed??

A. Dimpleplasty is haram if it is done for the purpose of beauty and admiration from others. However, if it is done for medical reasons, such as to correct a deformity or asymmetry, then it is permissible.

Q. What does dimple mean in Islam?

A. In Islam, dimples are just part of Allah’s creation, and one should not try to alter it in any way. Changing or enhancing something Allah created for beauty purposes is considered haram and a major sin in Islam.

Q. Is it Haram to have Beauty surgery?

A. Yes, it is haram to have beauty surgery in Islam as it involves changing the creation of Allah. It is seen as vanity, and Allah (SWT) does not approve of vanity in any form.

Q. Can you get dimples with surgery?

A. Yes, you can get dimples with surgery, but this is not allowed in Islam as it involves changing the creation of Allah for beauty purposes.

Q. Is Botox in Islam haram?

A. Botox is haram in Islam as it involves changing the creation of Allah for beautification purposes.