TikTok: Harmless Fun or Haram? An Islamic Perspective Explored

Syed Bukhari

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Is TikTok Haram?

Is TikTok Haram? – I don’t think we can make a blanket statement that TikTok is totally halal or haram. The platform has such a wide variety of content – some of it aligns with Islamic principles, and some doesn’t.

At the end of the day, TikTok is just a platform. As the user, you get to choose what kinds of videos you watch and engage with. If you stick to content that’s in line with your values, then using TikTok can be halal for you. But if you find yourself watching things that promote haram behaviors, that would make your own TikTok use haram.

The app itself is neutral – it’s a tool that can be used in both positive and negative ways. Most Islamic scholars seem to agree that TikTok is not inherently haram. But they would caution users to be mindful of the content they interact with, and avoid material that goes against Islamic teachings.

What Makes TikTok Haram Or Halal?

The verdict on whether TikTok is halal or haram really comes down to your intention and the type of content you engage with. If you use TikTok as a means of learning, broadening your perspective, and gaining valuable knowledge, then it can absolutely be considered halal.

For example, there are great Islamic scholars like Mufti Menk who share beneficial religious insights on TikTok. And plenty of young entrepreneurs provide motivational and business tips that can help viewers succeed professionally. Using TikTok to access that kind of uplifting, educational material is totally fine from an Islamic perspective.

On the flip side, if your intention is just to mindlessly scroll through videos of things like music, dancing, or crude humor that go against Islamic values, then yes – that would make your TikTok use haram.

Wasting time on content that distracts you from your religious duties, or negatively influences your character, is something Islam advises against. The content itself matters. If it brings you closer to Allah and self-improvement, great! But if it promotes harmful behaviors or useless time-wasting, it should be avoided.

Is TikTok Haram?

At the end of the day, TikTok is just a platform. Like anything, it can be used for good or ill. Setting the right intention, and curating your feed carefully, allows TikTok to be a halal source of enrichment and community. It all comes down to being mindful of how you use it!

Is TikTok Haram?

Tips To Avoid Haram Content On TikTok

When it comes to TikTok, there are definitely ways to make sure your use stays halal. Here are a few ideas:

  • For starters, be thoughtful about who you follow. Stick to Islamic scholars, motivational figures, and educational accounts. TikTok’s algorithm will start recommending more of that uplifting content if those are the accounts you engage with.
  • Also, head into Settings and turn on “Restricted Mode.” This will automatically filter out videos with inappropriate content. Great way to keep haram material off your feed.
  • If you do come across something questionable, report it or tap “Not Interested.” That’ll signal to TikTok not to show you more of that.
  • In general, it’s wise to avoid following accounts that regularly post music, dancing, or other content that goes against Islamic values. Curate your feed mindfully.
  • Try not to use TikTok during prayer times or when you have other important duties to focus on. Set limits on your time there. Apps like Freedom even let you block it during certain times of day.
  • And if you find you constantly slip back into watching haram videos, don’t be afraid to delete TikTok altogether for a while. If it’s impacting you negatively, it’s better to stay away.
  • Stay mindful of why you use TikTok and fill your feed with beneficial content. In sha Allah, these tips can help keep your usage in line with Islamic principles.

Is Making TikTok Haram In Islam or For Muslims?

Here are  few points on why TikTok is Haram or against Islam

TikTok is all about Dancing

TikTok features a lot of dancing and music videos, which don’t align with Islamic values. And with millions of users worldwide viewing content, there’s a high chance non-mahram men are watching videos of women dancing and singing. From an Islamic perspective, that environment poses problems.

It is addicting

TikTok can be addictive, and Islamic teachings warn against addictions that can be destructive. There are examples of people so distracted by making TikTok videos that they’ve lost their lives, like those tragic cases in Pakistan and India. Anything that pulls you away from righteous living like that is undoubtedly harmful.

This can make your depressed or isolated

TikTok offers fleeting fame that leaves people chasing validation. When the likes eventually slow down, it can make people feel empty and drive them to extreme behavior just to get more attention. We’ve unfortunately seen folks go off the deep end trying desperately to regain that temporary TikTok clout. The cycle it creates just isn’t healthy.


On TikTok, you’ll sometimes see boys dressing as girls and dancing, or girls trying to act like boys. This kind of gender-bending content opens the door to confusion and behaviors that go against Islamic values

What does Islam say about TikTok?

When you look at it from an Islamic lens, the very foundation of TikTok goes against religious teachings. So much of the content features haram activities like dancing, music, and questionable acting. With women performing in front of countless non-mahram men, it violates Islamic standards of modesty. Given its core emphasis on promoting behavior considered haram, we can definitively say TikTok is not compatible with Islamic values. There’s really no way for a faithful Muslim to defend using an app so fundamentally at odds with their faith.

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Q. Is TikTok Haram?

Yes, Muslims can use TikTok as long as they stick to halal content – educational, Islamic, etc. It’s the type of videos you watch and make that matters.

Q. Is social media haram in Islam?

No, social media itself is not considered haram if the content is halal. Educational and Islamic-related content on social platforms is fine.

Q. Is listening to music on TikTok haram?

Yes, listening to music on TikTok would be haram since music is generally prohibited in Islam. It promotes a forbidden activity and wastes time that could be better spent.

Q. Is money earned on TikTok halal?

It depends how you earn it. Income from ads and haram content wouldn’t be halal. But if you provide useful info and promote legitimate products/services, the money can be considered halal.

Q. Is skipping Quran verses on TikTok haram?

It depends on your intention. If you’re searching for haram content, that’s prohibited. But if you know the verse and are just looking for educational videos, it can be permissible.

Q. Is dancing on TikTok haram?

Yes, dancing on TikTok is haram since dancing is forbidden in Islam. Any dancing/music videos or accounts should be avoided.

Q. Is making TikTok videos haram?

It depends on the content. Educational, Islamic videos are halal. But any with haram/inappropriate content would be prohibited.

Q. Is being a TikToker haram?

No, you can be a TikToker if your content and viewing is halal. Follow the tips in this article to keep your use in line with Islam.

Q. Is watching TikTok haram?

Again, it depends what you watch. Educational, Islamic videos are fine. But haram/inappropriate content would be prohibited.

Q. Can Muslims watch TikTok?

It’s not haram if the content is good. Same as TV – posting is okay if you dress properly and avoid anything flirtatious.

Q. Why is TikTok considered haram?

Reasons include inappropriate pics/videos, women’s dancing/singing, and the spread of immoral content overall.